Swiss Research Institute for Sports Medicine

About Us

SRISM was founded in 2020 in close collaboration between the Department of Sports Medicine of the Davos Hospital / Davos Sports & Health and the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in Davos. During its first year, it could already reach first milestones – for example the start of the first Swiss athletes registry for research purposes. The utilization of the state of the art facilities and the know-how of the cooperating, internationally highly respected SIAF, such as its own biobank, and the expertise of Davos Sports & Health, provide a basis for front research in the near future.


The researchers of the Swiss Institute for Sports Medicine (SRISM) focus on sports immunology: By identifying the reasons for the susceptibility to infections and performance problems due to allergies or asthma, SRISM would like to bring a personalized approach to sports medicine. Their goal is to translate knowledge gained through research to individual prevention and treatment, leading to improved health and consequently, better sports performances.


We aim to characterize of the immune system in elite athletes and to compare it with a healthy  age-matched control group (amateur athletes & non-sportive persons):

  • Identification of the reasons of the susceptibility to infections & allergies in elite athletes
  • Role of metabolic changes in the susceptibility to infections & allergies in elite athletes


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The elite athlete cohort will be consisting of professional ice hockey players, cross country skiers and alpine skiers (winter sports). The aim is to reach 200 top athletes so that subgroup analyse can be performed and statistical power can be achieved.

Development of a cohort of amateur athletes with a corresponding biobank. Development of a physically inactive control group: it will consist of age- and sex- matched individuals who are not interested in sports and training, such as less than once a week training. 


Approval was obtained from the Cantonal Ethics Committee of Zurich for the execution of questionnaires, formation of cohorts, in-vitro-experiments and biobank, declaration of consent, incorporation of lab material & results and protection of personal data.



The collection of data and biological material from athletes of different ages and disciplines signifies the establishment of the first Swiss Registry and biobank of sportsmen and women. The currently existing SIAF biobank with full capacity and biobanking SOPs will be used without any additional costs except individual material costs.